Hey welcome to the website of the Skittle's Fan Club of WV. You're probably thinking it sounds dumb right? WRONG!!!!!!! We were formed on 10-14-09 and are having a great time starting up. So far we have eighteen members counting myself. In an effort to save time I will be abreveating our club name as SFCWV. I am the president of SFCWV. As you may have guessed we REALLY like skittles. We also don't like M & M's since they are competitors to skittles. Skittles must be the dominate candy!!!!!! Be sure to constantly check out www.skittles.com because it's awesome. And we try to end most of our sentences with skittles. Our catch phrase is of course "Taste th Rainbow". Well, now you know the basics about our club. Not so dumb anymore is it. (well maybe a little but it's still pretty cool)  :) Skittles skittles skittles....skittles skittles.


skittles update: We will now be allying with a few other candies:

Snickers (suggest by cole)

Milky Way (Suggested by myself)

Starbursts (suggested by numerous members)

3 Musketeers (suggested by myself)

5 Gum (suggested by myself)

Sour Patch Kids (suggested by Makyla)


And our enemies are:

M & M's





100 Grand Bars

Laffy Taffy


Please Note: Certain members have told me the Skittles Fan Club has been getting old. Well what are some new things I could put on here. All suggestions welcome.


Here are the links to the others things about our group:

Our facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Poca-WV/Skittles-Fan-Club-of-WV/205660702074?ref=search&sid=100000323387583.3793573206..1

Our twitter: http://twitter.com/SFCWV

Our bebo: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=10241721734


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